28mm Wide 45mm Filament Wound Carbon Road Disc Clincher & Tubeless Wheelset (SC-28WHD45TL)

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  • SC-28WHD45TL
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Filament wound series is the first choice and highest level, they are manufactured by filament winding machine and applied with self-developed yellow color high temp resin, the advanced manufacture tech and layup design make filament wound series more superior than other Chinese carbon rims. They have been used by lots of big brands and Tour-de-France pro teams for years.

Filament winding process offers precise and repeatable carbon construction, without the variability associated with hand layup, it results in a more consistent layup that allows a low proportion of resin to be used, reducing weight for the same strength.

The new 21mm internal wide provides better fit for higher volume tires that increase grip, lower rolling resistance and greater comfort. They have been optimized for crosswind stability at a variety of yaw angles.

Rims                                                                                           Hubs

Material: Toray T700 (Imported from Japan / Korea)                                   Powerway CT11 / CT31 (Center Lock)

Size: 700C Tubeless                                                                                   Powerway CX27 / CX32 (6 Bolts)

Type: Disc Brake Only                                                                                 DT350s                  

External Width: 28mm (Max 30mm)                                                            DT240s

Internal Width: 21mm                                                                                                                           

Depth: 45mm                                                                                                 Spokes                                            

Weave: UD                                                                                                     Pillar PSR AERO 1423                              

Finish: Matt / Glossy (Customized with your logos)                                        Sapim CX-Ray    

Spoke count: 24/24H                                                                                                                

Nipple hole: External / Internal                                                                                                    

Weight: From 1560g+/-20g (Varied with different hubs and spokes)                        

Rider weight limit: 120KG                       

Max tire pressure: 125PSI

Max spoke tension: 140KGF

Flatness: ≤0.2mm

Roundness: ≤0.3mm



  • Patented filament winding process to ensure that each carbon fiber layer can be distributed evenly and bonded tightly, enabling its strength to reach a maximum value. Also machine managed process can avoid the random layup errors and result higher accuracy & precision.

  • The rim bed is wound layer by layer in carbon fibre over a mandrel in a computer controlled process, this enables precise fibre orientation, continuous fibre paths, and higher fibre to resin ratios, resulting a more durable carbon rim.

  • Patented self-developed 240 degree high temperature resin, tested by DMA / DSC in house.
  • Carbon fiber pre-preg weaving in house, impregnating with own HTG resin system.
  • X-Ray machine to inspect the inside layup structure to guarantee the strength from every aspect.
  • First time 220 degree molding; Second time 230 degree baking 8 hours; Third time 230 degree baking 6 hours.
  • Full inspection of tire pressure test at 140psi for every rim.
  • Rim profile designed by American composite expert who use CFD work to optimize the aerodynamics.
  • UCI / ISO test standard; Wind tunnel test in Arizona USA.


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