29er carbon MTB asymmetric hookless rims (SC-27M23A29 / SC-30M24A29 / SC-35M25A29 / SC-40M25A29 / SC

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  • SC-27M23A29 / SC-30M24A29 / SC-35M25A29 / SC-40M25A29 / SC-45M25A29P
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Specification                                                Highlights

Material: Toray T700                                                Super smooth 3k inside wall without excess resin

Size: 29er                                                               Carbon fiber wrap over to the bead area to provide the best impact resistance

Type: Asymmetric Hookless                                      Tubeless setup easily

Weave: UD / 3K / 12K                                              Precise layup design results the lighter weight                          

Finish: Matt / Glossy                                                Lab impact test to guarantee the best strength.

Spoke Count: 16-32H                                               Asymmetric design for better balance and stiffness

Nipple Hole: External / Internal                                                    

Outer Width: 27mm / 30mm / 35mm / 40mm / 45mm

Inner Width: 22mm / 24mm / 29mm / 34mm / 39mm                                           

Depth: 23mm / 24mm / 25mm

Hookless Sidewall: 3mm

Offset: 2.6mm / 3mm                                                                                                     

Weight for 27mm wide: 340g+/-15g (XC)   

Weight for 30mm wide: 365g+/-15g (XC)   385g+/-15g (AM)     

Weight for 35mm wide: 400g+/-15g (AM)   450g+/-15g (DH)   

Weight for 40mm wide: 430g+/-15g (AM)   480g+/-15g (DH)

Weight for 45mm wide: 460g+/-15g (AM)   510g+/-15g (DH)                                                     

Flatness: ≤0.2mm

Roundness: ≤0.3mm


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