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Carbon Fork ISO 4210 Test

Safety is always first in Speeder Cycling.

1) Bending Fatigue Test

Apply cycles of fully reversed, dynamic force of 63.3kg in the plane of the wheel and perpendicular to the fork steerer tube to a loading attachment and swivel on an axle located in the axle-slots of the blades for 100,000 test cycles.

Conclude the test if the running displacement (peak-to-peak value) at the point where the test forces are applied increase by more than 20% from the initial values. 

Our test result is 9.28%, so it passes.

2) Brake Mount Fatigue Test

Mount the fork in a fixture representative of the head tube and gripped in the normal head-bearings, fit an axle to the fork, and mount on the axle a pivoted, straight adaptor to provide a torque arm of 368mm in length and a suitable attachment for the brake mounting point.

Apply repeated, dynamic force of 600N rearward to the end of the torque arm, perpendicular to the fork steerer axis and in the plane of the wheel for 20,000 cycles.

3) Rearward Impact Test

Mount the fork and assemble a roller of mass less than or equal to 1kg and with dimension conforming to torque 80N in the fork. The hardness of the roller shall be not less than 60 HRC at impact area.

Rest a striker of mass 22.5kg on the roller in the fork dropouts such that it is exerting a force against the direction of travel and in the plane of wheel. Position a deflection measuring device under the roller and record the position of the roller in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the fork steerer and in the plane of the wheel and note the vertical position of the fork.

Remove the deflection measuring device, raise the striker through a height of 640mm, and release it to strike the roller against the rake of the fork. The striker will bounce and this is normal. When the striker has come to rest on the roller, measure the permanent deformation under the roller.

Our test result shows deformation 5mm, which is much lower than standard 45mm.

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