29er Carbon MTB Asymmetric Hookless Rims

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  • SC-30M19A29 / SC-33M25A29 / SC-38M28A29
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Material: Toray T700                                               

Size: 29er                                                               

Type: Asymmetric Hookless                                     

Weave: UD / 3K / 12K                                                              

Finish: Matt / Glossy                                                

Spoke Count: 16-32H                                              

Nipple Hole: External / Internal                                     

Outer Width: 30.5mm / 33.5mm / 38.5mm               

Inner Width: 23.5mm / 25.5mm / 30.5mm                                           

Depth: 19.5mm / 25mm / 28mm

Hookless lip: 4mm

Offset: 2.6mm                                                                                                     

Weight for 23.5mm internal wide: 300g+/-15g (T800 XC)  320g+/-15g (XC)  340g+/-15g (AM)    

Weight for 25.5mm internal wide: 340g+/-15g (T800 XC)  360g+/-15g (XC)  380g+/-15g (AM)   

Weight for 30.5mm internal wide: 360g+/-15g (T800 XC)  380g+/-15g (XC)  400g+/-15g (AM)                                

Flatness: ≤0.2mm

Roundness: ≤0.3mm


Super smooth 3k inside wall without excess resin.

Carbon fiber wrapped over to the bead area to provide the best impact resistance

Precise layup design results a light weight rim.

Lab impact test to guarantee the best strength.

Asymmetric design for better balance and stiffness.

Ability to run lower tire pressure and improve traction and rolling resistance.

Increased width at leading edge dissipates impact energy and prevent pinch flats.                                                                                                      

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