Wavy Shape Carbon 29er MTB Asymmetric Hookless Rims

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  • SC-37M21A29
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- Wavy shape design (irregular structure) provides multi-angle bracing to increase the strength / rigidity. 

- Asymmetric rim shape with 3mm offset drilling improves bracing angle and balances spoke tension to create a stronger wheel.

- Proprietary carbon fiber layup process equalizes impact forces on both long and short sides of rims to make both stronger.


Material: Toray T700 / T800                                               

Size: 29er MTB                                                          

Type: Asymmetric Hookless                                     

Weave: UD / 3K / 12K                                                                       

Finish: Matt / Glossy                                                

Spoke Count: 28H                                        

Nipple Hole: External / Internal                                

Outer Width: 37mm              

Inner Width: 30mm                                      

Depth: 21.5mm

Hookless Wall: 3.5mm

Offset: 3mm                                                                                                     

Weight: XC 360g+/-15g; AM: 400g+/-15g; DH: 450g+/-15g                                 

Flatness: ≤0.2mm

Roundness: ≤0.3mm


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